Our Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility means any place where a commercial fertilizer, soil conditioner, plant amendment, or compost is manufactured, produced, compounded, mixed, blended, or in any way altered chemically or physically. Mobile units shall be considered a part of the manufacturing facility where the units are based.

Waste recovery and developing green energy are a permanent activity. Our teams raise awareness of the impact of food and spread the idea of ​​ethical eating.

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Food and Health

The world strongly depends on pulses as their strong gluten-free source of protein and other nutrition. pigeon peas, chickpeas and dry peas are the pulses seeing the fastest global market growth today for consumption as dhal.

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Machinery, equipment & processing

World-class manufacturing and process experts facility allows us keep a step forward. Our plant has been commissioned in 2019 and built with the latest technology available.

From the finest of cleaning machines, to color sorters, splitting and polishing lines, flour we have it all.

Quality and lab

Quality assurance of our farm products and finished goods is maintained via the latest equipped laboratory, which is on continual pursuit to see that the best quality is maintained.

We believe that every brand has a responsibility to improve the quality of people’s lives and to contribute to improve our society.

The mahashree is your online shop for your favorite groceries ! We aim to supply you with the best ingredients so you can cook and bake amazing and healthy meals for yourself or your family. Not only that, but also we will make available great natural beauty and hygiene products.


We plan to follow and maintain the highest industrial standards. Aiming at the same, we are under process of certification for:

India Organic Certification is a label given to organic products after validation, which ensures that the product or raw materials used in the product were grown through organic farming – without any chemical fertilizers,  pesticides, or induced hormones.

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