About Us

We at mahashree take great pride in ensuring Quality for our customers by suppling them with the best as we believe in ‘Health First’.

Mahashree Agro Processing Ltd, aims at transforming Tanzania’s agriculture potential into value added products at its state-of-the art processing unit. We at Mahashree aim at changing the basics of the industry by giving premier importance to raw material quality by supporting farmers financially and educating them.

This revolutionary ideology has been well tested, proven and based on actual facts & figures. Turning a sugar deficient Uganda into a sugar exporting country, barely sustainable agriculture into profit making sugarcane agriculture for farmers (out-growers) and several thousand unemployed technicians into hardworking employees under the able leadership of Kamlesh Maheshwari for over a decade.

Mayuge Sugar Industries Ltd rose against all odds setting a benchmark for existing industries, and inspiration for new ones, under Mr. Maheshwari as its Managing Director.


We are committed to environmental growth i.e. great quality for affordable customer food & nutrition, growth for farmers, development for the nation, promotion of a greener environment and progress for the company.


We take great pride in ensuring quality for our customers by supplying them with the best as we believe in ‘health first’.
Gift yourself and your family good health today!


We aim at fulfilling the rising demand of pulses with quality. the world strongly depends on pulses as their strong gluten-free source of protein and other nutrition. pigeon peas, chickpeas and dry peas are the pulses seeing the fastest global market growth today for consumption as dhal.

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