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People love coffee. Really though, “love” may actually be the wrong word. Adore, obsessed, passionate or worship are probably more accurate. Just take a quick look at the coffee quotes on Pinterest and you get a sense of that common obsession. For many people, coffee is both a necessity and a treat all at the same time, delivering pleasure and purpose all in one delicious, decadent, delightful drink.

In recent years, coffee culture has become a little over the top. People talk about coffee the same way they talk about wine.



Specific tastes and flavors mentioned in any Coffee description are based on the taster’s experience and impressions at the roast level (generally fairly light unless noted otherwise) and time of cupping. You may not be able to distinctly taste all of the particular flavors mentioned (this comes with practice), but you should be able use the descriptions of each coffee to easily distinguish between them.